This is a really bad article. If a site is blocked by your IT department it is blocked for a reason. The federal government requires that a schools internet be filtered. Just google CIPA (after the government shutdown). If students use google translate to circumvent the filter then google translate will get blocked.… » 10/06/13 5:12pm 10/06/13 5:12pm

I use the "Squeeze Player" app to turn the phone into a squeezebox client. I use the "Orange Squeeze" app to control the server. You can run both the client and remote apps on the same device or on separate devices. They don't sync perfectly but on devices running the same version of android the difference is not… » 7/09/13 9:09pm 7/09/13 9:09pm

I use my old devices to stream music from my raspberry pi squeezebox. Each old device can be used in a different room to have multiroom wireless synchronized audio. It works just like a Sonos and cost less than $100. Just download the SqueezePlayer app. You can wirelessly control the music from your current smartphone… » 7/06/13 7:55am 7/06/13 7:55am